Curb Appeal Tips that Make a Difference

Positive curb appeal is a goal for all homeowners interested in improving the look of their home for personal satisfaction as well as for marketing value. First impressions are important for homes up for sale, and with a few well-placed projects, it’s possible to give your home its own “face lift” and change it from one that doesn’t promote a memorable impression to one that stands out from the crowd.

When determining which projects to consider, look at your home’s exterior with a critical eye and ask yourself if what’s being presented is the best it can be.


The exterior of your home commands immediate attention since it is the largest structure to first come into view. It makes sense the exterior should look its best. This isn’t always the case as the exterior is exposed to inclement weather, dust, dirt, and debris. These factors take a toll, not only on the deterioration of the wall paint and trim, but also on the home’s building material whether it’s stucco, wood, or vinyl siding.

The variety of elements residing on exterior surfaces cause the home to look dull due to layers of dirt built-up. Accumulated moisture also diminishes the look of the exterior by creating areas of mold and mildew. To clean the exterior, a pressure washer will do a thorough job of removing grime and mold. Pressure washers are available for rent from home improvement centers, or you can hire a professional contractor for the project.

Wood Structures

Wood fences, decks, and patios are all susceptible to dulling dirt build-up and discoloration due to mold and mildew. Each type of wood structure will benefit from an in-depth cleaning with a pressure washer. Removing a layer of moldy mildew from walking surfaces also helps prevent slips and falls.


Schedule a check of the roof for repair or replacement of missing or damaged materials. Roofs should also be cleaned to remove dingy dirt build-up and frequently swept to remove leaves and other debris. While attending to the roof, include cleaning of the gutters. A sparkling rooftop adds valuable curb appeal.

Front Entry

A traditional, modern, or contemporary new front door with a contrasting coat of paint and new hardware is eye-catching. Add to the picture a set of new house numbers that stand out and make a statement.

Driveway and Sidewalks

Several things to address with driveways, sidewalks, steps, and porches, regardless of the materials used, is ensuring each area is in good repair, isn’t stained with liquids such as oil, and that materials aren’t broken, cracked, chipped, or pitted with holes. Each area should be kept clean and materials repaired/replaced to complement the fresh face of the home.


While manicured lawns are lovely, adding a splash of creativity with a tiered flower garden, sculpted rock garden, or a peaceful water feature add visually appealing curb appeal. Keep the appeal going forward with neatly trimmed trees and bushes, planting colorful annual flowers in the garden, window boxes, or new containers and highlighting landscaped features with dark mulch.

Install solar light fixtures or low-voltage landscape lighting at strategic points in the yard, and update the mailbox to heighten curb appeal.

For the most impact, create curb appeal that blends all exterior features into a harmonious setting that is pleasing to the eye.

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