Appliance Failures to Look Out For

Top 3 Appliance Failures

Everyday people use thousands of appliances to keep their food cold, wash their clothes, make their coffee, and more. Appliances are the heartbeat of day to day life, providing people with the assistance needed to complete tasks. When an appliance breaks, it can be devastating. The reliability of an appliance is crucial for success in daily life. It is simply impossible to avoid having an appliance break in a house.

#1 Loss in Refrigerator Temperature

Regularly cleaning fridge coils is a must. If left dirty, the coils can cause massive drops in temperatures and ultimately cause food to spoil. The best way to clean coils is to vacuum them. A refrigerator in working conditioning should run at around 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit. Always make sure a refrigerator is well maintained. Foodborne illnesses can become serious health problems and the best way to combat them is to make sure a fridge is functioning properly and safely.

#2 Dishwasher Float Switch Failure

Dishwashers often totally fail when the float switch is not working. When this happens, the dishwasher will not fill properly causing the dishwasher not to function as intended. Food cutlery can cause the float switch to become jammed and not function as intended. Silverware can clog a float switch causing it to not function correctly. Always make sure to remove all silverware stuck in a dishwasher and test to see if the float switch still functions.

#3 Dryer Heating Failure

Another coil-related issue, dryer coils can break and cause clothes dryers to not be able to heat and dry clothing. When coils fail, gas valves become unable to function properly in order to heat the dryer. Coil failure is the most common problem in gas dryers. Fixing them requires a replacement safety coil that will again allow the dryer’s gas valve to open.

Hire a Repairman Today!

Don’t let household appliances continue to fail. Having appliances cleaned, tuned, and professionally repaired is one of the best ways to avoid expensive problems in the future. Avoid headaches today and hire a repairman to fix any essential broken appliances.

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