Only you can prevent dryer fires! Make sure to clean out the lint.

When you use your dryer, you’re conscientious and clean out the lint trap. Surely that’s enough to prevent a dryer fire, right? Unfortunately, that just isn’t enough. Here’s more information on dryer fires and why you need to clean your dryer more thoroughly.

Smokin‘: Why you should clean lint from your dryer regularly

Lint traps help lower the risks of dryer fires, but they only catch about 25% of the lint from your dryer, with the remaining 75% ending up on the interior walls of your dryer and in your vent system, which is rarely cleaned. This leads to 2,900 fires every year causing $35 million in damage. Here are some ways to prevent lint buildup in your dryer system:

  • Keep your vent as short as possible. Longer vents means there’s more space for lint to build up instead of leaving the vent system outside of your home.
  • Reduce bends in your ventilation. Each bend slows down the flow of air and causes more lint to be deposited.
  • Use rigid venting instead of expandable foil or plastic. The smooth surfaces are less likely to attract lint.
  • Clean your ducts regularly. You should also clean behind, under and inside your dryer at the same time.

By keeping your dryer as lint-free as possible, you can significantly lower your chance of having a dryer fire in your home. If you need help with getting your dryer and vent cleaned out properly, please feel free to contact us today. We’re always happy to help you keep your home running smoothly.

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